Recent News

The project started in January 2019. Please contact us for information about ongoing outcomes and activities.


August 2020

The iScorecard team gave a well-received presentation about the Innovation Scorecard Genesis and Application during the August 2020 SKEMA Business School Eden Event.


June 2020

The iScorecard team’s ongoing endeavours towards developing a new methodology for measuring innovation success in projects has now been internationally recognised in the Association for Project Management’s Summer 2020 Edition of their Project Journal. We acknowledge the contribution of Alexander Garrett as the author of the article 'Innovation Gold-Dust-Capturing the Elusive'. 


December 2019

The iScorecard team published an article in CAFINews to share the valuable experiences gained from rolling out an Innovation Scorecard application in a real life working environment within Red Hat, Brno. The first project, known as Atomic Host and now completed, provided an opportunity to share the progress made, outcomes and lessons learned from this project with the community of practice in the Czech Republic.


November 2019

The iScorecard Team is proud to announce that they presented and published  a research paper that covered the theoretical background and principles of an Innovation Scorecard concept at the 13th International Conference of Project Management (ProMAC2019). This Conference was organized by the Society of Project Management (SPM) and the International Project Management Association (IPMA, Japan Chapter) and was held in Myanmar. The iScorecard Team received valuable feedback from Conference participants, made up of global practitioners and academics, regarding their presentation about an Innovation Scorecard application  for use within agile working environments.


June 2019

A Project Definition Workshop (PDW) was held for the first project of an Innovation Scorecard initiative rolled out in Red Hat, Brno, to share knowledge and experience gained as a result of the practical implementation of this project (pilot study). Innovation Scorecard team members, Red Hat associates, the Container Team and the Continuous Integration Team members participated in this workshop.