The Research Team



Ondřej Žižlavský


Ondřej is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Business and Management Brno University of Technology, where he specializes in management control, performance measurement systems and innovations. His research primarily aims to understand what drives the success of innovation and how to measure and develop an innovative performance in a company.

Part of his active research consists of studying the innovation process in a company and its performance measurement. He combines financial and non-financial metrics to set up complex innovative performance measurement systems for Czech businesses. A second area of Ondřej’s work studies innovative potential and its development. His work has been published in three monographs, in a number of scientific peer-reviewed journals indexed in Thomson Reuters, Scopus, etc., and book chapters.

Ondřej’s interest in above mentioned areas has resulted in original management control framework called Innovation Scorecard.



Eddie Fisher


Eddie (Ph.D., M.Sc., Hon Fellow of the APM) is a Professor of Project/Programme Management and Social Psychology who has been managing people as both line and project manager over the last 35 years. Eddie has been working in the Telecommunications, Construction, Education and Defence industries for companies such as British Telecom, Telefonica, Vodafone, General Dynamics and Leonardo, in countries such as the UK, Ireland, Czech Republic, Cuba, Germany and Saudi Arabia, with line management responsibilities of up to 80 staff and budget accountability up to £1.7b.

Eddie is a subject matter expert on the people side of management (attitude, behaviour and competence) and strategic business management. He publishes widely in publications such as the International Journal of Project Management, Business and Economic Research and Engineering Management Research. Eddie is on the editorial board/acts as reviewer of six international academic journals.



Mária Režňáková


Maria is a professor of corporate finance at the Faculty of Business and Management Brno University of Technology. She is a guarantor of the master study programme Accountancy and Corporate Financial Management. She had worked as a head of the Department of Finance, as well as a vice-dean for research and development and she has currently been serving as a vice-rector for academic agenda at Brno University of Technology. She is member of scientific boards at five faculties of Czech and Slovak universities. Maria specializes in financial management, business performance and valuation. She has supervised nine successfully defended doctoral dissertation theses in areas of value management and financial management. She has also been leading research teams at multiple internal and external research projects, mostly in areas of measurement and assessment of economic efficiency, distress prediction, value drivers identification and business valuation. She has published multiple books, as well as chapters in books, papers in scientific journals and in international conference proceedings.



Tetyana Shpilka


Taťána is a student of the University of Technology, where she is studying a Master's degree with a specialization in Accounting and Financial Management. She currently hasn’t got work experience in her field of study, but she plans to change it in the future. In her free time she likes to paint, read books and goes to Kravmaga trainings. Her biggest passion is traveling around the world.

She believes that the possibility of cooperation on the project is a great opportunity both for personal development and for society. Part of the project will be the elaboration of her thesis under the supervision of Ondřej. This work will focus on Innovation Scorecard. The subject of her work will be preparation of material for project activities, control of variances and processing of recorded results.

After graduating, she would like to work in her field of study, where she sees great growth potential.



Dana Machová


Dana is the Project Manager in Red Hat Research team. The team is taking care of university cooperation, students and research projects. She is mainly in charge of organizing events, handling contracts and processing paperwork. She changed several roles since her beginning in Red Hat in 2011. During the time she mostly gather experience with organizing various events and managing remote offices. Her pleasure at work is to organize programming courses for kids from primary schools, where they can learn what is coding, how to write code in a playful way and inspire teachers how can a topic be introduced to children. Currently she is responsible for projects supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.