Eight outcomes are planned for the project. You can find details, updates and links here or you can download results you are particularly interested in.


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Project management & control in innovation: Background of Innovation Scorecard Workshop 06/2019
Innovation Scorecard: Theoretical background and principles Conference paper 12/2019
Innovation Scorecard e-Tool Software 10/2021
Innovation Scorecard Certified methodology 10/2021
Innovation Scorecard: Best Practice & Case Studies Book 10/2021
Innovation Scorecard modification and verification for short-term projects: Case study from Red Hat. Journal paper 10/2021
Innovation Scorecard: Management control system for IT Final conference 12/2021
Innovation Scorecard: Management control system for IT in practice Workshop within final conference 12/2021


Extra Results

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Taking Innovation to Scorecard: A Czech Perspective in the Area of IT and Software Development CAFINews 12/2019