Innovation Scorecard Rollout by 2021 to measure how successful innovation has been within a Czech IT agile Working Environment

We realise our vision by working closely with staff within an established IT and Software Development organisation that is undergoing major business change.



We combine established and proven tools and techniques to develop management control systems for measuring how successful innovations have actually been. We will develop a new model for measuring innovation performance results and outcomes. We will support and incentivise organisations to deliver across all stages of innovation process improvements.


We will enhance learning by putting the theory of our Innovation Scorecard into practice. Our newly developed Innovation Scorecard methodology can be adopted and adapted by practitioners for suitable application in diverse cultural, organisational and business environments including but not limited to Business as Usual (BAU) and Project Management (PM).


We practise what we preach! Our suggested approaches how to measure the success elements of any innovation are based on actual live work activities within Red Hat in Brno. These take the form of case studies made up of projects managed in live and competitive work environments. We provoke and promote managers to rethink how they view and feel about measuring the success of change/innovation within their projects.


All our knowledge and experience, based on the practical implementation work we are conducting in the Czech Republic, is shared with students from Brno University of Technology. We also present our collection of acquired knowledge and experience at Project Management practitioner conferences and seminars.